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Life of Wood

Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition

Opening Reception 1 Nov 2018 , 6 - 9pm


Wood, in it’s first life as a tree, giving nurture to our world. When wood transforms into contemporary jewellery, its’ second life becomes an inspiration.

The 5 selected artists in the "Life of wood" exhibition, are using this gift of nature as the medium in their work. Through different techniques, their ideas are conceptualized, by being able to work with and enhance the distinctive quality of this natural material. Their creations are the results of their unique vision and understanding of this universal element, in the contemporary context.



Participate artists: (click to read artist's statement)

Srečko Molk (Slovenia)
Nadya Eidelstein (Canada)
Åsa Christensson (Sweden)
Maria Cristina Bellucci (Italy)
Joo Hyun Park (Korea)

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