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Veronica Cheng


Founded by Veronica Cheng, Astre Jewellery strived to create contemporary jewellery with precious gemstones that is a mixture of rough and luxe, they are made to be perfectly imperfect. Each and every piece of our  jewellery is lovingly handcrafted with precious metal and set with natural stones. Stars in the universe are the inspiration for my one-of-a-kind gemstone and silver Jewellery. My enthusiasm towards beautiful natural gemstones has fuelled me for the jewellery making path. I have been a gemstones collector for years and yet finding jewellery design with fashionable elements and uniqueness is very hard, so I have decided to create my own. To showcase the full spectrum of nature’s own art, my fused organic silver surfaces take inspiration from various natural landscapes, from rugged cliff to surging ocean. All the gemstones I used are carefully selected by myself, they all possess splendid colour and cutting, some even with special elements and are very rare within its species. 

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