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Often featured in international magazines ,Yael Sonia’s collections are as unique as each of its owners. 


Inspired by children’s toys and a child’s expression when fascinated by an exciting new toy, this kinetic jewellery is comprised of rolling spheres, swinging pendulums and spinning tops.  It’s jewellery that comes alive with its wearer as the melodic sounds are perpetually emitted when the fine gemstones and pearls meet the art of handcrafted 18K gold structures.  

Yael Sonia’s creations are timeless.  Her ingenious designs have gained her public acclaim and international awards.  In 2002, Yael won the Tahitian Pearl Trophy Award for her “Spinning Wheel” necklace from the Perpetual Motion Collection.  Yael Sonia’s art jewellery has been featured in world-renowned shows and galleries in the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland.  

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