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MOYA originated in 2002 by Dutch designer Eline van der Laag.As a gold and silversmith graduate from De Vakschool Edelsmeden in Amsterdam, Eline’s mission was to create jewelery with a technical innovativeness believing a good piece of jewelery is more than a decorative accessory.

Today, MOYA offers an exquisite and contemporary collection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in platinum, gold, silver, precious stones and pearls. Nowhere else can you find a bracelet that transforms into a tuning fork, jewelry without a clasp, diamond encrusted rings that rotate like a carrousel, or illustrious pearls rolling in an oyster shell made out of 18 karat gold.Handcrafted to perfection in her own Atelier/Gallery in the center of Amsterdam, since 2004 the collection has spread throughout Europe, Australia and the United States, undoubtedly making it one of the most creative and sought after in the field.

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