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It all began in 1973 when Bogumil Bytom in Warsaw founded his first goldsmith's laboratory. From that time until today, with unflagging passion, creates a unique, proprietary jewelry. A few years ago began a new chapter lasting more than 40 years of adventure. To Bogumil she joined her daughter. The studio designs and develops Julia, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, and in 2013 with the help Zuza has managed to create a new concept for the joint venture - make Bytom / Bytom jewelery.


The family workshop they design and own an original piece of jewelry made of gold, silver and other precious materials, always according to personal taste. Freedom and independence is for us the most precious values. They follow własnymidrogami, trust your own instincts and abilities.

They live and work close to nature. It is the most important and continual inspiration, energy source and a place of respite.


Therefore, every object is formed in our laboratory has features of unique design, each is an individual work and is different from another, even if both are based on the same model.


Just as in nature - nothing repeats, each creation is unique.

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