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MAYAYUEN JEWELLERY was created to give power to its owner every day. Its timeless but contemporary style takes inspiration from architecture, Art Deco and bold geometric shapes, and compliments any occasion from day to night. A strong motivation for Maya is the notion of putting the control in the hands of the wearer. She explains, "The ability to change a look by simply adding, subtracting or reversing in combinations give my customers control over the image they want to convey, under any situation. From casual to glamorous, I want to inspire the creativity of the wearer through transformation." MAYAYUEN JEWELLERY is made for the sophisticated modern customer with depth of character and a bold outlook on life. 

The Edge bridal collection is designed for those who will be there for each other. Balancing bold yet subtle geometric design, the concave and convex rings fit perfectly into each other when you are hand in hand; and are unique, strong and elegant when you stand apart. The collection is cast by master goldsmiths in 18K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold to exacting proportions to maintain their perfect geometry and are available with natural diamonds.

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