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Catherine Siu

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Catherine Siu is the founder of PICS Fine Jewellery. As a gemologist and a jewellery designer, she believes that every natural gemstone is a perfect combination of art and science, and everything is created for a reason, so are the gems and jewellery, so are everyone of us. As a jewellery maker, she believes in all the little details. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the excessive exaggeration and forget to notice and recognize the little ones which build the whole picture. She is dedicated to utilize her skills and expertise in gemstones and jewellery to spread the message of seeing true beauty with wisdom.

PICS celebrates the uniqueness and rarity of uncommon exotic gems from different parts of the world while the big four gemstones namely diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald are more widespread in the jewellery industry. Abstracting the ideas of having the “popular” groups to give focus to the underestimated and underrepresented ones, also to bring out the individual beauty and uniqueness by supporting them, you can see from her contemporary collections that she focuses on colors, shapes and characteristics of each different types of gemstones, having them set as main stones and embellished by top quality diamonds. Being a “lucky” one, Catherine has a passion to show the world how exquisite these extraordinary gems are and what they can become.

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