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Coming from an artistic background Ariadni Kypri has been experimenting with techniques and materials since she was a young girl, making as core of her work a game between form and matter. Her jewellery collections tell an unexpected story using the silouet as a narrative.


Her work with materials is meticulus and delicate turning them into microsculptures or fine objects that adorn the body in most unexpected ways. Fairytales, books, travels, nature and natural elements spark the start of her inspirational journey. Observation however is the key that unlocks the design process and is fulfilled when every little detail has been thoroughly and thoughtfully studied.

She studied Clothing Design and Technology at T.E.I. of Thessaloniki (branch of Kilkis) and attended 2 postgraduate courses in Barcelona: “Fashion Accessories (bags, shoes, hats)” at Superior School of Design and Fashion Felicidad Duce and “Pattern-cutting for Scenic Arts and Spectacles” at Superior School of Image and Design IDEP.

Just before the ending of 2014, she opened her own space, Ariadni Kypri Workshop & Gallery, where she works and exhibits her work, as well as her mother’s, ceramic artist Maria Marinoglou.

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