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Since the beginning of his career, Antonio Bernardo has been creating jewels which show experimentation in tactile and visual textures and the physical and chemical attributes of gold. These are pieces which put us in touch with the intimacy of jewel making, the observation of its primary principals and elements.


The manipulation of materials led to a series of jewels whose creative inspiration comes from the idea of movement. Folds, creases, grooves or intertwining sheets and threads interact with the observer’s perception in such a way that they seem to move before our eyes. Plus, there is actual movement in response to the user’s action on the jewel.

Other elements of Antonio Bernardo’s design identity are the finishing treatments on jewel surfaces. Many of his items present a brushed finish, sometimes connected to polished surfaces which reflect light.


Antonio Bernardo operates with traditional jewelry making techniques and typologies, giving them the contemporary and irreverent qualities of his authorial design. Inverting the logic in diamond setting, creating new cuts or celebrating a special gem, with which he creates unique, first-class jewels, the designer surprises when he revisits tradition.

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