Life of Wood

Srečko Molk (Slovania)

Since my childhood, I have been enraptured with the beauty of wood, with its infinite possibilities, which are hidden in it. As a boy I watched my uncle working with wood and I knew this is the kind of art, I want to devote my whole life to.

When you take a moment and let the nature fill you up with her power, the magic happens. The lines and colours captured in wood are like gems that give me inspiration and guide me when I work. As I make wooden jewellery, I see soft, baroque lines in wood on one hand, and on the other, lines that are geometric.  I let myself go, when I work with wood, the material guides me and directs me at my work, so that I discover his potential. The end product is therefore unpredictable and unique.

Vision of the Srečko Molk Brand is to work with nature and to respectfully create together with her.  Products that carry Srečko Molk name are made from wood, found or given.

Fashion accessories Srečko Molk are made for people with high sense for aesthetics and environment. They are made for people that value handmade, high quality jewellery, with a hint of minimalism and calmness.  With its unique and visionary design, Srečko Molk jewellery embodies everlasting elegance that enters the field of art.

Srečko Molk products are made mainly from wood or in combination of wood and gemstones, precious stones or precious metal.  When I design jewellery, I am always guided by wood, by all his peculiarities it offers.  Therefore I always try to preserve all of its specialities, and I even stress them out. For some people they may be mistakes, but for me, they are precious things, gemstone captured in wood, that I try to preserve and work with. They make each peace unique and special.

My jewellery is handmade, made with a technique of carving. I newer paint the wood, but I use a leaching method with which I add different pigments to the pieces. With this method the structure of wood stays the same, it is only accentuated. Each finished piece is protected with oil or varnish. Every piece I make is special; it carries the spirit of the time and tells a story. Each piece is exclusive.

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