Life of Wood

Åsa Christensson (Sweden)

I love science. I love reading about new ideas, theories and findings, to learn more about the world. I let science be a way to explain my surroundings, to translate various phenomenon into understandable terms. Still a great part of the universe remains a mystery and it is not possible to know if it will ever be fully explained, or that science will hold the answer. This occupies my mind, it challenges my knowledge and imagination. Through my work I explore metal and wood, past and future, thinkable and unthinkable and I find my own method of understanding.


Aether is a series of brooches on the theories of black holes, wormholes and an infinite space. It is the feeling of phenomenon occuring at an extreme distance, great forces in orbital motion, pulling in, pulling out. And us here, looking at it from afar.



Matter is a series of jewellery about various particles and objects that exists in the world, and the affect they have on eachother and on their surroundings. It is also about the theories of multiple universes, the possibilities of a space unfolding into another space.

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