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Having fun with Gemstones

Gemstone seems to be something "hard to reach" for a lot of people. They think it is expensive, fragile, too "bling".....Surely there are some exceptional gemstones that have many "0"on the price tag, but there are also a lot of fun items that are more affordable,beautiful and unique.

"Faces: Multi Face" Amethyst necklace with rubber cord. Amythyst 68.71 ct
Atelier Munsteiner "Faces: Multi Face" Amethyst necklace with rubber cord. Amythyst 68.71 ct

Traditionally people only appreciate the natural beauty of the gemstone - the colour, the brilliance and sparkle that brought out after a gemstone being cut. Nowadays many gem -cutter is putting in creativity into their craft and making very unique pieces.

We have discovered the trend of independent gem-cutter is spreading over social media. Their innovative approach on gem-cutting challenge the conventional notion of how gemstone should look like. They are sharing their craft to wider audience. Let us share with you a few of our favorites.

Atelier Munsteiner

The crown jewel of German gem-cutting - Tom Munsteiner is the master who is well-known for his innovative gem-cutting, his signature style. Every stone he cuts not only bringing out the natural beauty of the gemstone, it is a piece of sculpture on its own.


Pebbles Sprout

Tia - the amateur turned professional gem-cutter from Melbourne Australia. Bringing her creativity into her gem-cutting.

Stones cut by Pebble Sprout


Bespoke Gems

Another talent from Australia - Doug is a trained engineer turn gem-cutter. He uses his sense of precision from his engineering background into cutting beautiful gemstones.


Katharina Kraus

Her jewellery collection is comprised of gemstones that is cut by herself with her signature design. This approach is very different from the traditional jewellery design where designer uses conventional cut gemstones, or design around gemstones already existed.

You can see all their works at our current exhibition, GEM alethiOLOGY, on now until 22 June. We offer bespoke cut gemstone. Contact us for more details.

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