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Choosing the Right Ring

When it comes to choosing the ring to commemorate your special moment (Yes, we are talking about Engagement and Wedding ring) , many people would feel confused and not sure where to start.....

What is your Style?

Although there is a well-perceived image of what an engagement or wedding ring should look like, nowadays we want something better reflects our personality and our stories, especially this is the ring that we will be wearing for a VERY long time!

The Alternative Bridal movement is brewing on social media, with couples celebrating their union in unconventional ways. Bridal jewellery is also following this trend. Jewellery designers are introducing ring designs that are more unique and individual, using both conventional and new materials.

Stone or No Stone?

This is certainly a personal choice. There are endless choices of gemstones such as the more popular diamond, ruby, sapphire.(Read our other post about "What is real diamond?") Some people like to go with their birthstone, or using some unconventional materials.

What else I should consider?

As this is the ring you would be wearing everyday for a long time, there are a few things you may want to consider when choosing the right ring:

1. Comfort - You certainly don't want to feel having something uncomfortable on your finger. Not only the design matters, also the size of ring, thickness and width contribute the comfort of the ring.

2. Durability - Most of the engagement/wedding rings in the market are made in alloy of precious metal (ie) gold, silver, platinum, so they are quite durable. If you concern about allergy caused by metal, best to know which metal you may have problem with, and check if the alloy would contain that particular metal.

3. Maintenance - the most durable material used in the ring still need regular maintenance, to ensure it would look nice for a very long time, especially 18K white gold or Platinum (as the colour of 18K white gold and the texture on Platinum may have wear and tear after some time).

Please check out our selection which we have grouped the styles into different categories, to help you navigate the styles offer by our different designers. See our Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring . We also offer bespoke design service by our portfolio of designers.

You can always rely on professional help to choose the right ring. Make an appointment with us now to get a free consultation.

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