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Carl Noonan

1. How long have you been working on the work bench you currently using? Does it have a story / history?

This bench has been my jewellery home for the past four years. It isn't shiny, but it has a special place in my heart because my little brother built it for me out of a vintage clerk's desk and an old dining table. I call it the 'Bench-Mahal' because it's massive and the legs of the dining table form two white pillars. It's one of the few things I brought with me when I moved to Tasmania from mainland Australia.

2. Which is your favourite tool, and why? 

My favourite tool is probably my imagination - because the conception and design phase is the bit that gives me most joy. It's where I get to play with 3D objects, spinning them around and unfolding them in my mind until I see them in new ways.  If I had to choose a physical tool, it would be my emery board. I like the simple honesty of the process and the control and beauty it allows. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so seeing an even finish at the end of the process is super satisfying.  3.  What is the jewellery making technique / process you enjoy the most, and why? 

My favourite moment is opening up a parcel of fresh-baked 3D printed objects and placing them on my bench ready to finish. It's always exciting seeing a piece you've been obsessively tending to on a computer screen for months come to life in the real world.

See video of Carl making his Interlace ring

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