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Veronica Cheng (Astre Jewellery)

1/How long have you been working on the work bench you currently using?

I have been working on my recent work bench for 2 years for now, this is where I started my path on jewellery making. A working bench for jewellers is very personal, I have set up everything that suits my need bit by bit and this is still an on-going process, there is always room to refine and this has made my bench one of my most comfortable place to stay.

2/Which is your favourite tool, and why?

There are two favourite tools of mine, one is the saw and the other is the wax pen. The saw is the first tool I acquired when I started making jewellery and a good saw is the key element whether I can realise my design into a piece of jewellery, it has to be very accurate and handy. Since wax is a very important process of my work, so the wax pen is also one of my favourite tools, my wax pen allows me to smoothly craft detail design and texture that metal cannot achieve.

3/ What is the jewellery making technique/process you enjoy the most, and why?

The cleaning up process is the most enjoyable process for me. To see my design and work come into real is thrilling; before I started making jewellery, I always thought silver and other precious metal looks just shiny and smooth as we saw in the shop window, but now I have came to know, in order to make the shinny and sleekly surface, jeweller has a long way to go from raw silver, hours of effort was spent. Polishing, brushing, filing and cleaning, you will find your pieces looks completely different with a clean and sleek surface, and this gives me big satisfaction. The polishing and cleaning process is the last and the most important step to define the value of your work.

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