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Un Automne a Pekin by Lydia Courteille @ Ame Gallery 18 Oct - 20 Dec 2017

Un Automne a Pekin by Lydia Courteille

Lydia Courteille presents her latest collection directly directly inspired by Feng Shui, including the cicada, the frog, the dragon, the fish, each symbolizing luck, wealth, prosperity and longevity. But the connection to Chinese art is also inspired by architecture, embroidery, clothing.... Chinese culture is immense and ancestral, Lydia Courteille tried to immerse in her own way and freely revisit the symbols of pottery, of bats flying in peach trees, painted on porcelain - symbol of wealth and prosperity. This is indeed the challenge Lydia Courteille took by unveiling a tiny bit of this wonderful country.

This collection is also characterized by the use of icy jade, or transparent white jade and constitutes the DNA of most of the pieces, in order to educate our customers, who are unfamiliar, that jade is not necessarily green or lavender. Indeed, the green jade represents the royal color of the empress, but it is also possible to find brown or even black jade ... Entering in the world of China is opening a box of Pandora from where thousands of charms and benevolent characters escape. It will certainly be an endless collection, since the sources of inspirations are varied, each animal or even the positioning of the animal on a jewel can generate a different meaning...

More infomation about the world of Lydia Courteille:

Lydia Courteille private presentation 18th - 19th October 2017 for the exclusive launch in Hong Kong of her new collection “Un Automne a Pekin”

Opening cocktail: Wednesday 18th October 2017

Other collections are presented from 20th October – 20th December 2017


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