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Serendipity - jewellery by Chiaki Miyauchi

The jewellery collection by designer Chiaki Miyauchi, features maki-e, a traditional Japanese lacquer ware technique using on Amber and Pearl.

Trunk Show - May 10 - 11 @ Ame Gallery

Amber is the fossilization of coniferous resin originating in the mountains, and lacquer is a natural resin processed from the sap of trees. Pearl, on the other hand, comes from the ocean and is created by chance, a cluster born from secretions inside shells. This collection is based on looking at the various chance happenings in nature, and the motifs derive from Japanese flowers, as well as incorporating auspicious feng shui symbols where possible, resulting in a special line of jewelry you can decorate your everyday life with.

Chiaki has continued to be fascinated by the beauty of jewels, surrounded by jewelry and ornaments and the unique world they provide. After earning an appraisal qualification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA-GG), she studied jewelry design in Japan and the West. After working with long-established jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers, as well as being in charge of an Italian brand, she established her own collection called TACARA.

Authentic jewelry can be born from arranging the beauty found in various traditions around the world and their techniques to contemporary lifestyles. Wanting to create something that somebody can consider “a treasure”, our jewelry is careful made by hand, one by one, by skills artisans in each field, both domestically and internationally.

In Japanese, “TACARA”-a treasure -is something that is rare and beautiful therefore valuable; or it can refer to something that has a special or important meaning.

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