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Scents of Life exhibition opens 18 March 2017

Ame Gallery presents "Scents of Life"

The exhibition explores the interplay between sense of smell and memory

International artists visualize the dynamic through contemporary jewellery

“The smell of freshly mown lawn reminds me of my school days.”

“I miss the smell of newspaper ink. It stirs up my childhood memory of my father reading the paper at breakfast.”

“The smell of rust gives me goose bumps!”

The sense of smell is considered to be one of the most sensitive senses of human experience. It is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. The Different scents of life can bring back memories that stir-up both pleasant and unpleasant emotions.

The exhibition “Scents of Life” explores the interplay between smell and memory through the medium of contemporary jewellery. 7 artists from around the world will showcase their work at Ame Gallery from 18 March – 29 April.

Anna Cheng, Founder of Ame Gallery said, “I am always fascinated by how the sense of smell is closely linked to emotions and memories. A familiar smell has the power to evoke a lost memory. Through this exhibition, we aim to create direct communication between artists and audience. By means of the jewellery pieces presented by the artists, the audience may share a little piece of the memory evoked by a particular scent that has a special place in the artist’s life.”

Participate artists: Plilz AY (HK) 歐陽文儀 (香港) Chan Po Fung (HK) 陳寶峰(香港) Corrado De Meo (Italy, 意大利) Paola Mirai (Italy, 意大利) Elizabeth Shaw (Australia, 澳洲) Susanna Strati (Australia, 澳洲) Eva van Kempen (Netherlands, 荷蘭)

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