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Bianca Chong

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Bianca Chong is a Hong Kong jewellery and accessories designer. Coming from a fashion design background, her distinct aesthetic lives at the intersection of fashion, art and jewellery. She sees her designs as mini sculptures which connect with the movement of the body, complimenting the wearers unique features and body silhouettes.   

In 2017, Bianca founded her own jewellery label, Answer B. She showcased her fashion jewellery collections in New York, Shanghai and London Fashion Week and received exceptional feedback from her clients and the press. In 2020 she started a fine jewellery line, sourcing exquisite stones in special cuts, she aims at creating unique pieces that set apart from the diamond jewelleries in the market. With her passion in natural minerals, she sees the beauty in various gemstones, even those that are less sought-after by the traditional buyers. Salt and pepper diamonds, baroque pearls, opalescent gemstones have transformed and became the colour palette in her delicate constructions of jewelleries.

ANSWER B follows a conceptual approach in designing, adding a sense of delicacy in her creations. Inspired by the fluidity of natural beings and the 
structural mechanics of architecture, ANSWER B seeks balance between the two ends of organic and synthetic matters to build poetic jewelleries that flow along the body.  

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