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International Contemporary Jewellery Fair

at JOYA Barcelona


To celebrate its third anniversary, Ame Gallery takes Hong Kong contemporary jewellery to another level. “Via Hong Kong” will be the Gallery’s debut exhibition at JOYA – the international contemporary jewellery fair in Barcelona, Spain. It will feature works of Hong Kong jewellery artists and designers who are based here and aboard.


The exhibition is curated by Anna Cheng, founder of Ame Gallery and Dr. Cicy Ching, lecturer of Faculty of Visual Art, Hong Kong Baptist University. It is a collective effort to bring Hong Kong contemporary jewellery to the world’s stage.


Hong Kong, being a gateway to China and the world, is a melting pot of cultures and the city forms a unique character that affects the people who are connected with it. The artists featured in “Via Hong Kong” come from different backgrounds. Some of them are currently living and working in Hong Kong, while others lived here at some point in their lives. Through this exhibition, Ame Gallery aims to demonstrate how Hong Kong has nurtured some contemporary jewellery talents.


The concepts of some of the works presented at the exhibition have touched on various issues that are close to the heart of Hong Kong people. Cicy Ching’s “Fragility of City” explores the relationships and pace of living in this metropolis. Chan Po Fung’s “The Chinese dream of train” illustrates how people are forced to behave under the current political environment. The concept of beauty being perceived by women in the city is explored in Cherry Chan’s “Peculiar Extension”. These ideas make their works unique to Hong Kong, yet they also resonate universally.


As one of the few galleries in Hong Kong that specializes in contemporary jewellery, Ame Gallery aims to raise awareness of contemporary jewellery, widen the audience base and facilitate a healthy eco-system of this specialized art form in Hong Kong.


Anna Cheng said, “We curate ‘Via Hong Kong’ to showcase the great works of Hong Kong’s local artists. Since it is Ame Gallery’s third anniversary, we also want to take this opportunity to unite the contemporary jewellery community in Hong Kong, which includes some dedicated artists, educators and supporters. We believe through working together, we can create a healthy environment for this art form to blossom in this city. By bringing the exhibition to JOYA, we hope to encourage more artistic and cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and the world.”

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