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TRICKSTERS by Anastasia Taylor

The exhibition aims to explore the archetype of trickster by

presenting it through 13 figures of contemporary jewellery design


Originally from Russia and now working and living in Hong Kong, Anastasia Taylor is a contemporary jewellery artist who loves to make strong statements through her creative work. Influenced by the Asian culture, Anastasia also draws inspiration from the “kawaii” Japanese cute culture for this collection.


"Tricksters" is a product of Anastasia’s research when she was studying MFA in Jewellery Design at Monash University, Melbourne. Through her research, she investigated into the contemporary figurations of the archetype of trickster.  


Anastasia said, “I was interested in how the traditional archetype has undergone changes in recent times since the introduction of contemporary technologies. Using the digital process of CAD design, it has enabled artists to freely explore a personal vocabulary for these figures and create meaningful transformations within the contemporary cultural context.”


This exhibition comprises 13 trickster characters from different cultural and historic backgrounds. There are 26 pieces of jewellery items – 13 rings and 13 brooches that can also be worn as pendants or functioned as standalone figures like mini sculptures. They carry amulet qualities and invite their future owners to choose one that "speaks" to him/her the most.


The rings come in large and small design – the large-scale pieces create a “wow” factor for special events like fashion show and they are also perfect for personalities who like to use jewellery to create a stronger statement. Smaller scale pieces, printed in silver, are more suitable for everyday wear. They are lighter and the smaller sizes create a more intimate connection with the wearer.


Anna Cheng, Founder of Ame Gallery said, “We are proud to present this collection as it helps re-evaluate the traditional jewellery making techniques and processes, and how technological advancement has reshaped the development of contemporary jewellery.”


Anna continued, “Anastasia and I share similar visions – we would like to bring awareness of the new media to the mass market through re-interpreting traditional figures. The trickster figure is an age-old allegory. It’s exciting to see how Anastasia brings contemporary interpretation to it through modern technologies.”


All shapes are modeled with 3D software Rhinoceros (a CAD program) and printed using Stereolithography and Laser Sintering. They are polished and gold plated as gold brings out the amulet qualities and creates a link between old and new.


All rings can be ordered in large or small scale and different sizes. Large-scale design is limited to brass or gold plated, and smaller pieces can be ordered in silver, gold and titanium.


About Anastasia Taylor

Anastasia Taylor was born into a family of creative artists - her father is an artist and her mother is an interior designer. From the age of 10, Anastasia attended Art Lyceum in St Petersburg, Russia, which was established in 1934 as the first art school for gifted children.


Later, Anastasia studied Architecture at North London University, Fashion Design at London College of Fashion, followed by Jewellery Design, Silversmithing and Allied Crafts at Guildhall University and earned a BA, MA in Painting at UNSW, Sydney. Most recently, she studied MFA in Jewellery Design at Monash University, Melbourne.


Anastasia had worked for a few companies in London as a jewellery designer, including Avakian. She had also freelanced for Fairfax and Roberts, Sydney, Australia. She later worked for Michelle Ong in Hong Kong and now started her own business specialising in men's cufflinks, whilst continuing working on her jewellery and objects for galleries.

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