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Summer Pop Up

To showcase contemporary jewellery with colorful summer flavor,

together with Hong Kong’s most creative brands.


To celebrate the arrival of the summer season, Ame Gallery will open a special summer pop-up store from 18 June – 15 August at Boom Gallery & Café. Summer Pop Up is a two-part event that collaborates with some of Hong Kong’s most creative brands. 


Summer Pop Up is specially curated by Ame Gallery to showcase some fun and colorful contemporary jewellery and fashion items designed by new local artists, alongside with the gallery’s all-time favorites silver jewellery collections, created by designers from all over the world.


Founder of Ame Gallery, Anna Cheng said, “The Summer season has always been exciting for designers as it inspires them to use bold and fun colors. To celebrate the joyful season of the summer, we would like to add some colors to our favorites silver jewellery collections by collaborating with some up-and-coming creative brands.”


Ame Gallery will present five designers from around the world in Summer Pop Up’s Silver Jewellery Collections.


Linnéa Eriksson (Sweden)

Linnéa creates street art-influenced jewellery. She is famous for her bold and sharp designs. Her structured geometric design and rough finishing are reflections of her surroundings. They demonstrate her creativity has its origin in the urban city. She finds her inspirations in pieces of metal, feeling of heavy beats, and explosion of colors from spray cans.


Nicole Taubinger (Czech Republic)

Nicole uses everyday objects that surround us everywhere. They are so close to us that we no longer see them. She sets them into a different context, so they become visible again. She aims to show how multi-facetted our society and its paradoxes are, they have become our second nature.


Using classical jewellery working methods, she creates her jewellery in such a way that the material connects within itself. The materials she uses are still in almost new state, yet they have been discarded in scrap yards, containers or recycling plants. Indigenous people historically used seeds and pits to create their jewellery. The discarded materials she uses are the seeds and pits of our second nature.


The Summer Pop Up Silver Jewellery Collections will also feature Juliane Blank from Germany, Gu-Ming from China and Shan Shan Mok from Australia.





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