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Mediterranean inspired contemporary jewellery to debut in Hong Kong

Hong Kong May 2012 – AME Gallery is proud to present a Spanish Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition, for the first time featuring a collection of Mediterranean inspired handcrafted rings, pendants and earrings designed by 5 renowned Spanish artists. The collection will offer designs from award winning artists including Núria Deyà who specializes in bringing sights of her native surroundings such as the blue sea, the island trees, the sky and Spanish architecture to her work.


Santi Capó perfects his designs with subtlety by using traditional yet innovative techniques. His designs often remind one of contemporary sculpture with a hint of the Mediterranean Sea.


Manuel Cuellar Joyas has been designing jewellery for 16 years. He likes to mix gold and silver with gemstones such as tourmalines, opals and corals, showing true traditional Spanish craftsmanship to finish in their unique forms.


Following her family members’ footsteps as jewellery designers, Gemma López from Barcelona, has also made her way up as a reputable artist and jewellery designer. Her creations often have nature inspired Mediterranean motif.


Designs from Frikkia will also be on display featuring 2 artists who are known for their ever-changing styles.


Anna Cheng, Ame Gallery’s curator said: “We are excited to introduce Spanish contemporary jewellery to Hong Kong. The collection is a true reflection of the artists’ enduring fascination with ecological and architectural beauty, and their pride in their heritage. I hope one will truly get a taste of the Mediterranean by coming to this exhibition.“

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