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not just Jade [ 不只是玉 ]

Exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery

by artists of Chinese-origin


With this exhibition, Ame Gallery provides a new perspective to Chinese jewellery as we follow each artist through their journey of discovery and expression of Chinese heritage in their art, each a beautiful blend of their rich past history and culture, interpreted and expressed in a contemporary and mode


 1. Alice Cheng (Taiwan / UK )

The collection documents the artist’s transition from architecture to jewellery, every piece has a puzzle to solve. With Alice's jewellery, the body reacts and interacts with the pieces and the space becomes luminous.


2. Gu Ming (China)

Body Parasites is a collection representing a philosophy that jewellery can be perceived as foreign creatures that become part of our body and turn to be vibrant and friendly. With this collection the artist celebrates Chinese resilience and the undulating forms indicate towards unlimited possibilities.


 3. Helen Mok (Hong Kong / Australia)

The Secret Garden collection is miniature botanic sculptural jewellery, the artists' expression of how delicately both nature and man-made environment perform this dance of harmonious co-existence. This comes from her experience of different environments, including being born in Hong Kong and later living in Australia.


4. Heng Lee (Taiwan)

Chinese embroidery is a cultural treasure and Heng Lee expresses this exploration succinctly in his Floral Embroidery Pixel series, juxtaposing contemporary jewellery design against a backdrop of traditional Chinese embroidery pattern.


5. Mei Lee (Taiwan/ Belgium)

Mei Lee's unique creation displays images of nature in an emotional and tactile way in our lives. Fragile and transparent but at the same time rigid, strong and very present in space, each piece is an invitation to enjoy, touch and be touched in our minds.


6. Shan Shan Mok (Australia)

A reflection of Shan Shan's experiences in both Hong Kong and Sydney, her collection is an expression of the interactions between the choices we make in life in relation to our surroundings. The peaceful harmony that transcends through is constant motivation in her works.


7. Tricia Tang (Hong Kong)

Tricia's collection blends past and present with the use of contemporary materials to produce distinctive narration. Each piece of jewellery is the result of an expression of the intimate relationship, individual identities and cultural permutations of her experiences in Hong Kong and Australia.


8. Zita Hsu (Taiwan)

The collection is designed to convey a subtle feeling through visual sensitivity and delicate quality, emphasizing on tactile and sensory communication. Each piece of work celebrates her Asian culture and heritage.


9. Zhang Ni (China)

Zhang Ni’s collection aims to capture the thoughts and emotions of the human heart. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and China’s unique culture, she transforms seemingly ordinary things to create beauty and inspiration – weaving poetry into her jewellery pieces.





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