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Relationship between material and contemporary jewellery


“Every master knows that the material teaches the artist”

Ilya Ehrenberg (a Soviet writer)


Ame Gallery presents "Materiality”, the dual city exhibitions that feature 16 artists from around the world to interpret materiality in contemporary jewellery.


Material can be referred to as the physical or conceptual properties of the artwork. The Material the artist uses can be seen as a tool or a medium to convey his/her concepts and ideas. The Material itself can also be the inspiration, which becomes the focal point of the art piece.


The unconventional use of materials is one of key themes in contemporary jewellery today. Artists may use any materials that inspire them in their jewellery composition to tell a story and make a statement.


In this exhibition, we focus on the Material chosen by the artists and how it is used as the theme in their contemporary jewellery works. The selected 16 artists’ works are showing not only a wide array of materials, but also how traditional jewellery materials such as metal and unconventional materials such as paper, eggshell or even animal intestine are being used with innovative applications and techniques. The core of their works is about the material they are using.


We hope this exhibition will give the audience insights into the relationship between material and contemporary jewellery.

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