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Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition

Opening Reception 23 May 2019 , 6 - 9 pm


Gems (Gemstones) are a precious reserve which mother earth has given so us. Due to their rarity and beauty, throughout history gems are used to symbolize a person’s social status, emotions and the gem’s own mystic power. Traditionally, a gem cutter’s job has been to bring out the potential of the rough gemstone from the earth, in order to cut it ,to reveal its natural beauty. People are fascinated by the beauty of its colour and brilliance in the cut gem.

In a contemporary context, the idea of gem has been taken to a different horizon. Not only is its’ natural beauty that is being appreciated, it has also become the medium for artists and artisans to express their creativity – incorporating this in their jewellery creations.

In the exhibition “Gem althei-ology”, we look at the gem and the idea of gem being implemented by contemporary jewelers, in order to explore the “truth” of the gem.



Participate artists:

Anna Davern (Australia)

Atelier Musteiner (Germany)

Julia Maria Künnap (Estonia)

Katharina Kraus (UK / Germany)

Philip Sajet (Netherlands)

Tara Ko (Hong Kong)

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