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Building Jewellery

Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition



“Building Jewellery ," the contemporary jewellery exhibition will be showing works of  6 artists from Taiwan, Costa Rica, USA, Australia, Germany and Netherlands. This exhibition explores how the concept of architecture and built environment embedded in contemporary jewellery.


Architecture is a discipline beyond buildings, physical space and structure. Today its idea crosses boundaries, to fashion, kitchenware and even jewellery. Architecture is a way to see and perceive the world. It lays out the foundation on how human relate to nature, man-made environment and to each other.

The jewellery pieces presented are related to architecture from different perspectives.  Not only are the architectural forms being translated into a wearable object, but the concept of these exhibits is about relationship of architecture and human being. The contrast of scale between jewellery and building, and their impact on the human body are some of the ideas that audience would think about.


Participate artists:

Amira Jalet (Costa Rica)

Jessamy Pollock (Australia)

Joshua Demonte (USA)

Nicole Schuster (Germany)

Robean Visschers (Netherlands)

Yung-Huei Chao 趙永惠 (Taiwan)

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