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Ädel Metall [ Precious Metal ]

Exhibition of Unique Objects and Jewellery

by Swedish Artists


AME Gallery and Malin Ohlsson are delighted to present "Ädel Metall" (Previous Metal), an exhibition of unique objects and jewellery by 7 Swedish artists, to be opened at Boom Gallery on 23rd November 2012 (Friday).


"Ädel Metall" is an exhibition by creative collaboration LOD from Sweden, united by foremost and most vibrant jewelers and fine artists with the common goal and thirst of persuading craftsmanship in contemporary Swedish design.


LOD is a creative collaboration founded in 1999 by 6 fellow graduates from Konstfack, the largest university college of arts, crafts and design in Sweden. Members in LOD collaborated and participated numerous nation-wide exhibitions and projects. LOD now has 7 members including:


Erik Tidäng - who fascinated and inspired by structures - how organic forms, and complex technical parts are built up of tiny elements.

Klara Eriksson - silversmith and represented by the Swedish National Museum.

Maki Okamoto - award winning sculptor who challenges the conventional use of jewellery and corpus-works.

Pernilla Sylwan - who creates to surprise.

Petronella Eriksson - metal artist with large repertoire from jewellery to tableware.

Simon Westling - RRH Jewellery Award winner (Pforzheim 2011) known for the interesting use of old damaged object with a rough patina in jewellery.

Tobias Birgersson - artist known for mixed media artwork of gold or elm tree.


Members of LOD are rising stars in Sweden and most of them are represented by museums in Sweden as well as Europe with artworks being collected as museum pieces permanently.

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