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A Couple of Things

Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition  

Beate Klockmann & Philip Sajet



"Journey of spirit and energy. Balance of elements. Harmony in collaboration. Reflection of the beauty of the world and the cultures that inhabit it.  These are all tenets of belief.” Philip Sajet.  


Fascinated by each other’s perspectives on various subjects surrounding their lives, this exhibition ‘A Couple of Things’ is a collection of contemporary jewellery by German artist, Beate Klockmann and Dutch artist Philip Sajet. “A Couple of Things” heralds their obvious fascination of the same subject matters, yet their inspirations for creating jewellery driven somewhat from being absorbed by alternative perspectives.

Beate and Philip, both of whom are prominent artists in the contemporary jewellery world, met in 2000. They fell in love with each other as well as each other’s creations and thus began working together. What became apparent was their differing points of reflection, they would select to work on the same subject, but each taking on a very individual approach.

“Creating a jewel is like a painting…and like a painting, it possesses a surface which reveals various textures. The artist’s task is to allow the soul of the material to emerge” Beate Klockmann

In this exhibition, 11 sets of exhibits are paired based on a theme, design and choice of materials. These are the results of the shared tales of heritage, travel, music, nature and the elemental universe amongst the couple. Whether in conflict or compliment, there is a story in every piece of jewellery that forms the set, that the audience would certainly find balance and equality within them. Beate and Philip delight the visual, with their dramatic collection of contemporary jewellery.


This desire to make "jewellery from the soul” conveying feelings through the wearable art form, has been presented in this carefully curated exhibition. Both Beate and Philip’s works are great examples of contemporary jewellery that express their individual attitudes, methods and materials. Which in turn represents the very meaning of art itself.

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